McAfee SECURE sites help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams  
As you can see Identity Theft is a large problem, and as our society becomes more digital it is growing even further. Here are some of the protective benefits you can expect from your IDSafeLock membership to shield you from some of these threats.
Information Scanning & Alerts - The majority of identity theft starts in underground chatrooms where International Identity Thieves trade and sell stolen identity information. With credit card scanning we will scan these underground chatrooms and if we find your credit card information we will send you an alert.
Lost Wallet Assistance - What if your wallet were lost or stolen? What would you do? Who would you call? With our Lost Wallet Assistance, just place one single phone call to us and we will call all of your card issuing banks, with you on the line help you cancel all of your cards and have new ones reissued.
On-Call Protection Specialists - Our Identity Theft Protection specialists are available to assist you in the restoration of your identity after you have become a victim. You can rest assured knowing that you will have professionals to help mitigate any potential damage.
$1 Million ID Theft Insurance - While you are an active member of our service you are covered by a $1Million ID Theft Insurance Policy with a $0 deductible. This is an actual insurance policy that will cover many of the expenses associated with Identity Theft such as Lost Wages, Attorneys Fees, and Electronic Funds Reimbursement.